Street Games & Treasure Hunts

A fantastic way to see parts of the city, get a bit of exercise and make use of that grey matter. Don’t be fooled its not all clue solving they’ll be secret missions, creative tasks and much more.

What’s the difference between a treasure hunt and street game?
A treasure hunt will fun clue solving adventure around one of London’s many Museums (We have a hunt for every one of them) or a part of the city. Discovering bits about the history and find the things you never knew existed right under your nose. A street game is a little more involved with characters and story lines – maybe a murder to solve or an alien attack to stop, you’ll get swept up in another world for a couple of hours whilst solving the clues and piecing together the evidence that will lead you to the answer. Will you complete it in time? Come and find out!

Public Games you can join this summer. Click here

These are some of our Popular Street Games. Contact us for more information.

Deduction – Cluedo meets Sherlock Holmes. A murder mystery game. There’s been a murder and Dr. Grey is the victim, his body discovered in the coal cellar, but who perpetrated it and with what weapon? A mystery awaiting solution. Six suspects, six possible murder weapons and nine possible locations.
Assassin – Sherlock is back and this time we’re playing Guess Who.
Game Of Phones - A fun Parody on the TV show we love. Let the interactive app guide you through clues and puzzles to win the Iron Phone.
Thinker, Drinker, Solver, Spy – is a cold-war espionage themed clue-hunting puzzle and pub crawl. Crack codes, find clues, receive covert communications with undercover contacts and down a few pints for Queen and country.
City in Wonderland – The fairytale world come to London.
A Novel Game – If you’re into books and borough market this is for you.
You’re fired! The Apprentice Street Game.
Zombie Masters from Another Planet – Played after dark with U.V torches.
Alien V Spy – Be a Spy for the day and solve an intergalactic mystery.

Collage of Posters2 Treasure Hunts – We have treasure hunts for all London museums, and areas of London such as Brick Lane, Covent Garden, Camden, South Bank, Soho, Brixton, Wimbledon, Richmond.
Themed Hunts – At certain times of the year we run themed hunts such as Valentines, Easter and Christmas.

Other Experiences

Murder Mystery

Our interactive murder mystery events are something to remember! With various themes to choose from you can spice up your dinner party with a 1920′s plot or plan an office party with a bang with some pirate madness. They can run from 10 to 200 people!

Quizzes & Gameshows

We have an interactive buzzer system! If you’re not sold on that alone, we have various different interactive rounds and question formats to choose from. If you’re looking for a pub quiz with a difference to get everyone in the office talking or a gameshow experience made up of well known TV rounds – we can help!

Bespoke Events

We can create unique event content based around the concepts of Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunts and quizzes to suit any theme or project. We can work with you to create the perfect event from a hunt around your office building to a themed murder mystery for a movie launch.