Quizzes & Gameshows

Our interactive Wi-Fi buzzers and electronic scoring system turn a pub quiz into a great event. Each quiz is written bespoke for your event so its fresh and up-to-date meaning you can add in personalised rounds if you wish. We have various round formats, creative tasks and practical rounds to get everyone talking and means its not just a battle of general knowledge. You can also opt for a Quizshow type event featuring parody rounds from popular TV shows.

We can run up to 20 teams at once in one venue – and all equipment hire is available through us.

Clobber Hats also available – they’re amazing ask us about them.

Other Experiences

Murder Mystery

Our interactive murder mystery events are something to remember! With various themes to choose from you can spice up your dinner party with a 1920′s plot or plan an office party with a bang with some pirate madness. They can run from 10 to 200 people!

Street Games & Treasure Hunts

Have some fun solving clues, taking on secret missions and completing the photo challenges. With a range of cultural hunts and street games to choose from we have something for every occasion. From discovering hidden parts of the city or its galleries to taking on Sherlock Holmes or flesh eating Zombies.

Bespoke Events

We can create unique event content based around the concepts of Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunts and quizzes to suit any theme or project. We can work with you to create the perfect event from a hunt around your office building to a themed murder mystery for a movie launch.